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Patient Testimonials

While having been a patient at Dr. Ellis's office for over three years, I have found the office staff to be very knowledgeable, proficient, and professional.  They maintain high standards of infection control and use current protocol for patient services.   I see Donna Worthy, one of the dental hygienists, who is thorough, compassionate, friendly, and always on time.  Donna performs a very detailed oral prophylaxis while putting the patient at ease. Both Doctors Ellis and Winokur perform comprehensive examinations so the patient feels as though no stone has been left unturned. The reception area is also very comfortable and there is never a long line of patients waiting.  It's a pleasure to be a patient at this office, and I plan on staying for a long time.


— Dottie

Dr. Ellis is the best dentist I have had in my 70 years of living.  Not only has he never hurt me with any procedure, but he is so micro focused, that he must drive his assistants NUTS with his attention to detail and execution.  He talks me through what he is going to do and then keeps me posted during the procedures. I like that! If you're looking for a new dentist, try him out! You won't be disappointed.


— Arthur

Everything about the Ellis General Dentistry practice is truly outstanding - great office in a great location with truly outstanding dentists and supporting staff.  However, the absolute, unequivocally, truly BEST thing about the Ellis' practice is one particular Dental Hygienist - Donna Worley!  This young lady is the only hygienist I have allowed to touch my pearly whites since 1990 and everyone compliments me on my "great looking teeth and smile".  All the luster and sparkle on those pearls I owe to her (with an occasional assist from Dr Ellis).  Donna is terrific in every way.  She is technically and professionally without peer (I know for a fact she scored 100% correct on her State Board examination!).  Donna has great, efficient, and effective technique as well as an outstanding "chair-side" manner primarily due to her very caring, friendly personality.  She is also very attractive with gorgeous brown eyes you will clearly see as she polishes your enamel to a fine sparkle!  I could go on and on and on, but I close with one final bit of information - full disclosure and all of that - Donna is my only daughter and I love her very much!  Now, before discounting everything I said before my "disclosure" as blatant fatherly "bias"  - ask ANYONE who has ever been in her dental chair. They will all confirm everything I said about what a great hygienist and person she is!!!

— Ed

Doctors Ellis and Winokur really do make me look forward to going to the dentist!  I came to Dr. Winokur a few years ago after a painful experience at another dentist and have not looked back. I see Ellyn every time and it is like having a reunion with a family member you have not see in a while.  The office feels like a fun family atmosphere and completely puts me at ease.  I even like the office music.  ;)

— Erik

All is good at Dr. Ellis' office, and I mean it!

— Alice

It went well--was the most thorough exam that I have ever had in my entire life.  Took pictures of my teeth and all surfaces.  Measured gum recession inside and out.  I had a bridge that was installed in 1974 that apparently was too big for my mouth, as it has worn the backs of my front teeth, and there is not much (and in some cases no) enamel left.  Since this bridge was put in, I have seen 3 other dentists--one that I believe was a true perfectionist--yet none of these other dentists discovered this wearing of the enamel.  Now I am left with having to cover the backs of the front teeth to prevent more breaking off of the lower portion of the teeth.  I am so very happy this was discovered now rather than having any further damage occurring and then having to repair more damage.

— Linda

Dr. Ellis is one of the few Dentists that can also perform a root canal with extreme competence.  The root canals that he did on my teeth have lasted decades. He also keeps up to date with new technology in dentistry. He had one of the first Cerec machines and is now on the 2nd or 3rd Generation machine.  I have the pleasure of wonderful teeth repaired by Dr. Ellis and his Cerec machine. On a personal level, he makes each patient feel important and special. He listens to any concerns and addresses them. I read somewhere on an evaluation that his prices were high.  While I haven't compared other Dentists prices, I can say that he is worth every cent paid. For such a highly skilled qualified dentist, I'm sure he could charge much more.

— Paul

Your office proves that nice, professional, fun loving folks gather in a dental office. I not only enjoy my visit I leave with clean teeth!

— Don

I just came in for a cleaning and check-up after a two-year lapse on my part. I was pleased first of all that the office cared enough for my business to call and make sure I didn't want to come back before they purged my records. Not only because their call was the reminder I needed to stop my procrastination, but also because it made me feel my business mattered enough for them to make the effort. I also want to recommend Darla as a great dental hygienist. She was friendly, intelligent, and detailed in her work, and I learned many valuable tips for caring for my teeth at home between visits. Thanks to the Ellis Team.

— Cindy

A sad but true story: My teeth have required extensive dental work for the majority of my adult life. My pearly whites have been drilled and pulled and filled by a number of well meaning dentists whose work inspired me to find a really good, gentle, expert, top of his game kind of dentist. Well, back in 1993 I struck gold! Not my caps, thank goodness, but I was referred to Dr. Dennis Ellis. Life changer! Dr. Ellis' kind and compassionate manner put me at ease even before his totally painless injection of Novocaine did! In the old days before Dr. Ellis, I used to be tied up in knots, thinking of all manner of worst case scenarios as the dentist drilled away. In Dr. Ellis' office they make you feel so at home and at ease and his skills are so refined that I just lay back in that chair and try to figure out what to fix for dinner or some such thing. It's a whole new world. I trust him implicitly with my dental care and he has never let me down, and never, ever caused any pain! Not only that, but his office is always on the cutting edge of technology and tools. So my story has a happy ending, which includes having had work done by his wonderful partner Dr. Winokur as well. He's another gentleman who knows how to put you at your ease and who knows his stuff. Whoever said 'no pain, no gain' was wrong. It's 'happily ever after' thanks to Dr. Ellis and Dr. Winokur.

— Karen

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