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Patient Testimonials

They were quite fun to interact with--no stuffiness there.  Also, they exude an attitude of professionalism in that they want their work to be its best, often doing over an area when not satisfied with its appearance.

— Linda

I enthusiastically recommend Dr. Ellis and Dr. Winokur to people I know looking for a new dentist. It is an encouraging experience to interact with the entire office staff even if I find that I need work done. They are detail-oriented, on-time, professional, and knowledgeable, yet down-to-earth in explaining about their work.  I am very grateful for the people working in the office and can tell that they care. I consider them to be highly relational, caring about their patients as individuals. When I leave the dentist office, I know that my teeth have been in good hands. 

— Sean

"It might be hard to believe, but I really enjoy my dental appointments! Everyone is relaxed, entirely focused on the patients' needs, takes time to explain things, laughs, and jokes. My entire family attends, and we love everyone on staff. We have been going to Dr. Ellis and Dr. Winokur and their wonderful staff for years. The staff have worked with me so our four children have appointments at the same time so we fill most of the chairs during the "Berner family hour." I don't think you can find higher quality service, from the front desk to the back office. Finally, I have a lot of respect for offices where you hear people speak respectfully to each other. Late yesterday afternoon, as he was finishing work on a new crown for me, Dr. Ellis turned to a staff member to say good night and said, 'Thank you for the good work today.' That's class."

— Maureen

Dr. Ellis saved my daughter's teeth. Her previous dentist had a "drill them and fill them" response to her frequent cavities. I brought her to Dr. Ellis when she was about 12. He was ready with new strategies which focused on prevention and which made cavities very few and far between. Thank you, Dr. Ellis, for being such an insightful and talented dentist. You have made a difference in my daughter's health and in mine. I recommend you and Dr. Winokur without reservation!

— Nancy

Dr. Ellis and his staff work as a team. They give each appointment individualized attention and genuinely care about each and every patient who walks through the door. I highly recommend this practice to my friends because I know Dr. Ellis and Dr. Winokur offer the very best in quality and service. 

— Lacey

I am your number one fan, and long-time (is it 30 years yet?) patient. Maybe it's because I am the patient with all 32 of my teeth, and I know that you will give each one of those babies the best TLC ever, or maybe it's because I know that Dr. Ellis is such a great dentist with the best care and sense of humor ever. Maybe it's because Ellyn is so sweet and kind and she's not too rough with the floss and plaque attack. Maybe it's because all of you guys dress up for Halloween, OR maybe it's because Dr. Ellis went to bat for me when the orthodontist wanted to pull my wisdom teeth (thanks!) I can't pick just one reason that I love you guys, but Dr. Ellis and staff: I do love you, and y'all are the definitely the best dental practice in town.

— Beth

I've been a patient of Dr. Ellis' for 17 years now and have never considered going anywhere else.  When I first moved to the area and started "shopping" for a dentist, I put the word out among my new acquaintances that I was looking for someone who truly understood that some people have deep-seated associations between the words "dentist" and "pain."  Dr. Ellis was respectfully mentioned as someone who was good at his craft, so I made an appointment.  Filling out the initial paperwork at the first visit, I asked if these words could be noted on my chart:  BIG CHICKEN.  (My wishes were indulged!)  Then when I met Dr. Ellis for the first time, his warm, friendly demeanor and gentle sense of humor put me completely (well, almost - old habits die hard) at ease. Since that visit, he has thoughtfully guided me through decisions about crowns, fillings, and braces, along with the ordinary maintenance issues.  I will ALWAYS remember the time I called him in a panic when a temporary crown had come off, and he had me come to the office on a Saturday to reset it.  I was so grateful to not have to hang on until the following Monday to get that resolved! Interactions with other staff have been nothing but positive, including my hygienist for many years, Ellyn, who is wonderful, and Dr. Winokur, who once filled a cavity so fast and painlessly that I couldn't believe he was finished! I couldn't be happier....unless, that is, Dr. Ellis converted from a Buckeye fan to a Tarheel!

— Leigh

There's more to Dr. Ellis  than just my dentist, so much more. Doctor, friend, someone who's done things for me at times when it would have been unthinkable to imagine anyone else doing it. That's just to put it lightly because it would be unfair not to mention Cynthia's contribution and everyone there who makes it work. And then, in the midst of it all, is that wonderful humor Dr. Ellis is so famous for that has helped me through some difficult times for sure. I just couldn't think of going to another doctor. 

— Phil

Dr. Ellis has been my dentist since I first grew teeth. I haven't lived in the area for about ten years now, but I plan my visits home in order to make it to my dental check ups (don't tell my parents!). From comforting me as a kid afraid of fluoride treatment, to asking specific questions about my career path, I know that Dr. Ellis (and company) genuinely care about me and my life. And, to this day, I'm still offered a toy after every visit.

— Emily

Just wanted to thank all of you for your service, expertise, and an office atmosphere that makes each visit a pleasure.  Office staff has worked with me to make finances workable, not only for preventive dentistry, but also for some long-overdue work, helping me to navigate insurance claims and working with me to understand prices and fees for services. More importantly, however, entering the outer office and seeing Emily and Lacey is like seeing dear friends.  Despite the fact that Cynthia Riley is technically family, though distant, I can say that the entire staff at Ellis Dentistry is like extended family.  The humor, humility, and positivism always evokes a wide (clean, white) smile. Thank you again.

— Randy

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