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Patient Testimonials

My family and I have been coming to Dr Ellis' office for over 15 years because of the great care, which is always state of the art.  Having had both good and absolutely horrible dental treatments before moving to this area and Dr. Ellis, we feel that we "know whereof we speak", and that we've been blessed to find this office.  I've always been impressed with how everyone I deal with always seems to be pleasant, easy going, and complete "de-stressors", while at the same time never wasting a minute and being very efficient.  The only thing I would challenge is Dr. Ellis' statement that he turns into a rabid Ohio State fan during football season . . . I never notice a change, he's rabid all year long!  Thanks, Donna, for the great job, attention to detail, and always trying to help with pointers on how to improve self care.

— Barry

I have been treated by your practice since we moved here in 1995 from the Washington, DC area. Everyone has a pleasant disposition and they make you feel at home. I was in for my semi-annual teeth cleaning this week and Donna was as gracious as usual. My hat goes off to this practice and that is why I have stayed and will stay with them for years to come!!! They are interested in your activities and show a general sense of concern about you. Thank you and keep up the great work!

— Pierre

I have been seeing Dr. Ellis for over 30 years. During that time I have received the ultimate in high quality care, both from Dr. Ellis and his staff. Not only is Dr. Ellis highly skilled, but compassionate and he continues to stay at the top of his game by studying and using new techniques. It is easy to see he loves what he does, by the way he takes care of his staff and the positive office atmosphere. I feel extremely lucky to have Dennis Ellis as my Dentist since as a professional trumpeter, I need my teeth. Thanks for keeping me playing!


— Paul

Dr. Scott Winokur is also in his office and he's very good. I've always been very pleased with both of them. I've always gone to them and I enjoy it as much as I can for a dental visit. They're very good and are accepting new patients.

— Virginia

I can't begin to thank Dr. Winokur and Vicky, his assistant, enough for their extreme thoughtfulness and highly professional care given to me this year. Vicky is not just sweet; she's very intuitive and sensitive to my needs, giving me a pat on the arm or a blanket over my feet with no discussion. I feel like I'm the only patient Dr. Winokur has!  He always takes the time to be certain that I'm not only comfortable but understand everything that is happening.  His gentle but effective technique calms me and gives me confidence in him and the procedure. The cosmetic work he has done on me is nothing short of amazing. I just can't quit showing off my sensational smile! I'm very happy to be a part of the Ellis and Winokur family!

— Sissy

Dr. Ellis, you are the best. I always enjoy the way you keep my mouth and teeth in good shape and make me feel like I'm your only patient.  The office is beautiful and comfortable, and you have a great demeanor.  Thanks so much for your care all these years.  

— Liz

I could never go to another dentist (don't retire on me!!) since I have been coming to your office for over 40 years!!  Holy Cow!! That is a long time. I drive the distance from Greensboro or even Winston-Salem if I am at work, with pleasure. I don't think my teeth would still be in my mouth if I hadn't been coming to your office all of these years.  Of course I love coming back to the "Hill", but I even do that when it isn't basketball season.  However, you would think Dr. Ellis would have turned Carolina Blue after all of these years instead of that Ohio State Red!! EVERYONE is so customer friendly, pleasant and delightful to talk with at the office. The quality of care is excellent from everyone. I will never to go another dentist as long as I can come to see you folks. Congratulations on also keeping me laughing even when it might hurt. Thanks for all you do.  

— Carol

I have been a patient for over 20 years and continue to value the excellent service, outstanding expertise, and warm environment provided by everyone in the office. Dr. Ellis and the staff are attentive, available, and provide the highest standard of care. What more can one ask for… except, of course, that there be more Carolina memorabilia instead of that “RED” Ohio State stuff. (Where exactly is Ohio?) Thank you!

— Jack

I have seen Dr Ellis for years. His previous office was on Estes Drive by the Post Office, and I saw him there mucho moons ago. Dr. Ellis is an excellent and personable dentist. He has focused on trying to preserve my teeth and has repaired work by previous dentists which needed fixed. In addition to being an excellent clinician, Dr. Ellis and his staff are very pleasant to be around. They all try to do work without causing you pain. Dr. Ellis works with you on financial issues of dentistry which I appreciate. I have recommended Dr. Ellis to many people and continue to do so. 

— Laureen

I have been a happy patient of Dr. Ellis for 15 years. I look forward to every visit! Every interaction from the front desk to the assistants to Dr. Ellis himself is an upbeat, positive, and enjoyable experience.  They make me feel like the most important patient to them, and they have worked with me to make the timing for appointments and the finances work out every time. One thing I especially enjoy about Dr. Ellis is his friendly, positive, can-do attitude. No challenge seems to great when it comes to oral health and dental care. He has done lots of creative and beautiful work in my mouth, and I am genuinely grateful for a healthy smile.  He is so upbeat and energetic that it rubs off on his staff and patients; I always feel more energized after I have visited with him. Keep up the great work Dr. Ellis and team.  You all are the best!

— Chris

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