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Patient Testimonials

I've been a patient of Dr. Ellis since the early 1990s and I've always felt comfortable, informed, cared for, and in the best of hands. Without exception the people in the practice are pleasant and knowledgeable.

— Nancy B

My wife referred me to the practice. I should have done it long before. My teeth are now in great shape and my cleanings are always perfect.            

— Lewis

I have never considered going to the dentist as a favorite past time.  The friendly greeting from the front desk and Emily’s pleasant attitude and great skills, however, in your practice make the circumstance a pleasure. Of course, I can control myself and wait six months to come back. I appreciate the care given me.


— Bill

I agree with the Independent Voters endorsement of Dr. Dennis Ellis's practice as #1 in my experience as well- I have seen Dr. Ellis for my general dentistry needs for over 15 years. He is without a doubt the "most empathic while providing the highest quality of services" dentist I have ever seen.  His staff are also very positive and upbeat and all and all thisdental group provides excellent dental services in a very positive and supportive way.

— G. Kelly

Dr Dennis Ellis has been my dentist for over 30 years.  He is a kind, wonderful man as well as being a great dentist.  I hope you have him and Cynthia for one of your procedures.  The two of them should go out on the road as a comedy act.  When you listen to them bantering back and forth you forget that you are having a filling or crown procedure.  They have me crying and laughing out loud at the crazy things they say.  You and your family will be in good hands at Ellis General Dentistry!  Give them a call today!

— Anne

Just wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation for Dr. Ellis and his very fine staff. Dr. Ellis has been my dentist for many years and he has been a real blessing to me. His expertise & knowledge in dentistry is unsurpassed. He can discuss topics in detailed medical terminology if I so wish or he can simply discuss things in a simple, common-sense manner. He is always pleasant and upbeat; he makes you feel comfortable and you feel he is interested in you as a person, not just a patient. His “bedside manner” is that of a sincere caring and kind friend, one who listens carefully and suggests rather than dictates his opinions and dental advice. His staff reflects all of his fine qualities; they are some of the nicest people in this world, as well as excellent at their professions. It was great to see Dr. Ellis noted in a recent Chapel Hill Magazine as one of the top dentists in this area – an honor long overdue.

— Scott

I am happy to have such talented dentists and hygienists and a very patient-orientated conservative approach to excellent dental care. As a Best Selling Author (www.executivedeception.com) I find it an advantage during TV appearances and book signings to possess a healthy, wholesome smile.  Simply put, it's good to have teeth if you're selling books. :-) You folks are the best! 



— Pat

Dr Ellis has been our family dentist since 1984. Over these thirty years we have seen his practice incorporate dental innovations to offer state of the art dental care. From your first visit you realize that patient health, in general, and dental care, in particular, is the priority. A few years ago Dr Winokur joined Dr Ellis' practice. A young dentist, Dr Winokur shares Dr Ellis' patient care philosophy and professional attention to details. So it seems to me that the long term future of this general dentistry office is secured. For acute situations and long term care, Ellis General Dentistry is the place to go

— Mirta

Dr. Winokur is our family dentist, and we feel very fortunate to have him and all the good people at Dr. Ellis and Winokur's in our "tooth corner". They never fail to make us feel relaxed and good about coming in- even my teenage daughter- whether it's for a cleaning or more "serious stuff". Dr. Winokur's sincere and enthusiastic personality is always uplifting, as is Donna's and the rest of the staff.  You know you're in good hands; he is the most thorough, skilled and kind dentist I have ever been to, and I truly enjoy coming in. Thanks everyone at Ellis and Winokur's, you make a great team!

— Jan

My family and I have been clients for over 30 years. I cannot remember ever having to wait much more than 10 minutes upon arriving for an appointment until the hygienist was ready for me.  Over the years, I have needed other types of dental care and was  always referred to  highly qualified,  capable practices  who coordinated well with Dr Ellis'  office.  I rarely had to explain anything or wait to set up initial appointments because patient data had not been supplied .  All my dental records have been kept up to date by all involved.

We got proof that the care provided  by Ellis general dentistry is exceptional when my sons decided to pursue military service. The dental care provided by both the Army and the Marines  could not begin to rival the care they received while at home in Chapel Hill, and they both chose to delay cleanings and annual visits until they were back in  town on leave.  They both dislike seeing anyone but Dr Ellis and staff.

When we are asked  to recommend  a dentist, we never hesitate to refer others  to the Ellis practice because we know they will be pleased.

— Rosemary and Michael

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