Ellis General Dentistry

Dennis W. Ellis, DDS, PA

Patient Testimonials

Best dentist and staff ever!!

— Lilly L.

Dr. Ellis is a remarkable dentist and wonderful man. He's not just my dentist, he is my friend. Cynthia is incredibly skilled as his assistant and has a heart of gold. The entire office is filled with the finest people you will ever know.  

— Scott J.

Great group of professionals.

— Mary J.

Keep doing an excellent job!!!

— Joan H.

Thank you for excellent information and for excellent care.

— Lisa G.

Ellen always does a great job. My mouth feels clean after she is finished :) She's personable and a good conversationalist. I don't mind my trips to the dentist at all.

— Gary G.

It's like having a good time with friends when one goes to Dr. Ellis's office. He and his assistant are a team, and there's a real sense that two sets of eyes, two brains and two sets of hands are working for the best possible outcome. Even though there's no doubt who's the boss, the collaboration that is evident in the friendly banter makes the visit more pleasant and gives confidence that everyone is paying attention to be sure the quality is tops.

— Jean D.

Very comprehensive and very flexible in scheduling.

— Gillian A.

I love Dr. Ellis. No one likes going to the dentist, but Dr. Ellis is so great at what he does you feel comfortable and assured. I have recommended him many times to friends and family!

— Melissa H

All staff friendly and welcoming while also being professionally competent and caring...

— William G

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