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What is the aftercare following a restorative procedure?

What To Expect

1. When a restoration has been placed, the tooth is often hypersensitive to chewing and temperature for up to several weeks. The pulp of the tooth becomes slightly inflamed from the restorative procedure, the drying, and the manipulation of the tooth. These symptoms will usually subside slowly over the next several weeks.

2. Occasionally, the bite or occlusion of the new restoration with the opposing teeth may feel different. This new and different feeling with usually subside within several days, but may persist for several weeks before settling into a normal occlusion.

3. The gum tissue around the tooth may be tender and slightly swollen for several days after the restorative procedure. It is not unusual for the gum tissue to bleed easily for the first few days, especially while flossing.

4. When we anesthetize the area to do the restoration, it is not unusual for the numbness to persist for up to six hours. The area around the tooth may be unusually sensitive when the numbness leaves initially but will usually subside in a short period of time.

What To Do

1. Usually, pain relief is not required, but in the event that you have discomfort and want some pain relief, we recommend ibuprofen (Nupril, Advil, Motrin)-600 to 800 mg (four tablets)-to be taken every four to six hours. If you have a medical condition or gastrointestinal disorder which precludes the use of ibuprofen, acetaminophen (Tylenol, Excedrin) is a substitute, although it does not contain anti-inflammatory properties.

2. Once the restoration has been placed, there is usually a period of time that the new material needs to mature before chewing is permitted, this varies according to the type and location of the restoration. The staff will advise you of the necessary time to wait before you may resume normal chewing and cleaning.

Please Call Us If

1. You are expericning symptoms more intense or of longer duration than those described above.

2. If any questions arise.

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