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I just got bleach trays. What do I do now?

What To Do

1. Brush your teeth well and floss.

2. Place a small amount of bleach in each tooth well. If the bleach touches your gums, you are using too much. If you have crowns, there is no reason to put bleach in that area as bleach will not change the color of crowns or any restorations.   

3. Wear for 30-45 minutes. NEVER SLEEP WITH TRAYS IN YOUR MOUTH. 

4. Remove the tray and brush teeth gently.

5. Clean the tray with cool water only. Never use hot water when cleaning trays. Hot water may distort the shape of the tray.

6. Place in container with water.

7. You may bleach your teeth up to two times per day.

8. Adjust the amount of bleach in the tray, the length of time worn, and the number of times you bleach per day according to your tooth and gum sensitivity. If teeth become sensitive while bleaching, or your gums are blanched or irritated, discontinue bleaching for a two to three days or use less solution in the trays. In some instances you may need to use a lower percentage bleach solution which is available in our office.

9. When teeth are bleached to your approval, place the tray on the model and store dry in container. Keep trays dry until you need to brighten teeth again. 

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