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I just got a night guard. What do I do now?

1. Place Night Guard in container and keep damp when not wearing.

2. To clean, hold gently in palm of hand and brush with toothpaste. Monthly, soak night guard in mild Clorox solution (one part Clorox to nine parts water) for 20 minutes.

3. Bring your night guard when you come for any subsequent appointments as the night guard may need to be adjusted after any restorations. Also, bring your night guard to your cleaning appointments, and we will clean the appliance ultrasonically. 

4. If you have any virus, soak the night guard in the above Clorox solution as you do for routine cleanings to kill any germs absorbed by the plastic. 

5. Be sure to wear the night guard long enough (up to two weeks) to become accustomed to it. If you have teeth that continue to be sore, contact the office for us to adjust. 

6. Keep appliance out of pets’ reach. Night guards make a great “chew toy” for the dog but will ruin the appliance for your use.

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