Ellis General Dentistry

Dennis W. Ellis, DDS, PA

Comprehensive Update Exam

When you become a patient of Dr. Ellis you now are part of a dental practice that is not only concerned about your dental health but your overall health as well.  We maintain a level of excellence in diagnosis and treatment of your dental conditions by staying up to date on the latest research and technology and provide an atmosphere of competence and experience that gives you confidence in our services.

 As part of our ongoing management of your health, we suggest that all adult patients schedule a comprehensive update examination every five to seven years depending upon each individual’s needs.  This examination is scheduled separately from your regularly scheduled cleaning and examination. It provides us with additional detailed information that we need to guide your dental care for the long term. We think this examination sets our practice apart from the average dental service because we have taken the time to insure that we thoroughly understand your dental condition and can provide you with a long-term stable course of treatment.

We know that our routine dental examinations during your cleaning appointments provides us with important information to keep you in good dental health, but we also know that over time, subtle changes can occur that adversely affect the long term health of your mouth. Examples of some of these changes are:

  • Erosion and loss of enamel from chronic acid reflux or dietary changes,

  • Debilitating decay and loss of enamel from dry mouth as a result of certain medications or changes in health,

  • TMJ/TMD from night time grinding “bruxism”

  • Wear facets and loss of enamel from bruxism

  • Occlusal discrepancies “how teeth fit together”, causing enamel loss and TMJ/TMD issues

  • Fractured teeth and restorations from the effects of occlusal wear and bruxism

  • Long term detrimental effects of missing teeth, excess enamel wear or crowded and mal-aligned teeth

  • Aging restorations that may be leaking or breaking down.

  • Progressive bone loss with age and the subsequent increase in tooth mobility, which can increase the rate of bone loss and hasten eventual loss of teeth.

  • Hidden abscesses and lesions that can occur painlessly, especially in older patients that can be missed without a panorex radiograph

This examination is customized to your specific needs and goals, so it incorporates the tools that will best address your specific areas of need. During this appointment, we review your medications and their effect on your dental condition and overall health.  In addition, we provide a detailed report of any harmful interactions they may have with one another. Where indicated, we do a computerized occlusal evaluation to insure that your teeth are fitting together properly. We sometimes make models of the dental arches to allow us to further study these relationships. Detailed photographs are sometimes taken to aid in our evaluation.  A digital panorex radiograph is taken to provide us a complete survey of all the dental structures, along with any additional individual radiographs that may be needed.

After studying the information obtained, a detailed summary of the findings will be presented, providing you with a summary of our results, and any recommendations for treatment.