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Dental Detectives

by Dr. Scott Winokur It’s OUR job to be mouth detectives. When you visit our office, you have the luxury of resting in the supine position. One of our dentists, hygienists or assistants is mere inches away from your mouth and is in the perfect position to observe every little detail of your yapper. We make notes, take pictures and,…

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Scott Winokur, DDS and Dennis Ellis, DDS, PA: Traits of a Photographer Enhance the Practice of Dentistry in Chapel Hill, NC

Dr. Ellis wrote about his photography hobby as well as his love for the outdoors in his introduction to our blog site in August. Our common hobby is directly related to our professional passion: dentistry. Dentistry is a technically demanding profession. The field has a constant flow of breakthrough improvements and state of the art offerings which are geared to…

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