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Dennis W. Ellis, DDS, PA

Dental Detectives

by Dr. Scott Winokur

It’s OUR job to be mouth detectives. When you visit our office, you have the luxury of resting in the supine position. One of our dentists, hygienists or assistants is mere inches away from your mouth and is in the perfect position to observe every little detail of your yapper. We make notes, take pictures and, if you’re lucky, fill your mouth with our hands, handpieces, suctions, cotton rolls and rubber dams. We know your mouths better than you.

We’ve taken a few pictures of some things around the office that you may, or may not, have noticed while you’re here. How are YOUR detective skills? Can you identify any of these pieces of evidence that may link you to our dental office?

Check our facebook page for the correct identifications.

Image 1


Image 2


Image 3 


Image 4 



Image 5 



Image 6 


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