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Working at that deli taught me about myself. I never really knew that I was capable of doing lots of things at once and able to produce the product the customers craved.  This was amazing to me.  It was easy.  Effortless.  Delicious.  I was home.  I knew from this point in time that I never wanted any other job.  I stayed at the deli until I was responsible for the store during my shift.  The owner trusted me with his baby and I was right where I wanted to be.  After a few years, my home town was calling me and I decided to move back to Chapel Hill.  I had mastered the art of the deli and was ready for more experience.

I picked up a local job at an ice cream store where I scooped millions of cones and made thousands of shakes for customers.  I stayed here for a couple of years waitressing and during this time I fell in love with the cook.  He was a musician by night and cook by day.  He let me come into the kitchen, where I really wanted to be, and make the Rueben and Club Sandwiches I took orders for.  That same feeling of getting my hands dirty and rushing the clock came back.  I started to move my way back into that kitchen, which lured me with its hot ovens and greasy flat top grills.  I decorated ice cream cakes while the neurotic owner’s wife ran around me in circles making her bagels.  My boyfriend and I were close, but I have to say I loved the kitchen more. 


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