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Dennis W. Ellis, DDS, PA

2013 Hinman Dental Meeting

On your behalf, I recently attended the 101st Thomas P. Hinman dental meeting, one of the largest dental conventions in the country. This year, Hinman was held at the Georgia World Conference Center in Atlanta. Over the course of three days more than 200 classes were taught by 65 of the most knowledgeable dental experts.
These dental experts provided 600 hours of education to over 20,000 dental professionals. I feel honored to have been a part of such an extraordinary opportunity. Our office is excited to provide you with the best possible care that dentistry has to offer and that is why continuing education is so vital. As a member of the North Carolina Dental Society, the American Dental Association, the Academy of General Dentistry and the prestigious Seattle Study Club, the opportunities for continuing education are abundant.
Of course, it would be impossible to take 200 classes in three days, so I was very selective in choosing my curriculum. Our comprehensive philosophy and your dental needs and “wants” all drove me to seek out specific classes. So, who can benefit from the information I’ve taken home from the Hinman?
Those of you who want or need cosmetic dentistry, adults and/or children who may want or require orthodontics, people who need missing teeth replaced, anyone who wants beautiful, long lasting dentistry, and the many of us who cope with snoring, sleep apnea or other sleep related airway obstructions.
As your friend and dentist, rest assured that there are daily, weekly, monthly and yearly commitments to helping you and your smile become healthier.
Dr. Scott Winokur

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