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The Front Office


The alarm sounds before the sun has a chance to chase the moon away.   It’s dark outside. Cold. I’m sleepy. I have never woken up this early in my life for an activity. I have always been a sleeper; deep in my sheets with no light allowed to enter my room until I let it.  I have a new job now.  It requires me to be at work before the sun rises.   Despite the painful hour, I really love my job.  I work at the front desk of a dental office; my father’s dental office.

Prior to my new position, I was a chef around the Triangle for 13 years.  I worked twelve to sixteen hours a day, six to eight days a week, creating wholesome meals for the community. Intense, delicious yet very clamorous; rowdy.  I was at home in this environment, finally finding my space on this planet.

This is a story about me; from chef to customer service.

I guess I can start from the beginning….

After graduating from Guilford College, I was a rookie, not knowing what to do with my Sociology/Psychology degree.  For a couple years following college, I worked helping autistic children learn social skills, scooped local ice cream and found my way into the back of a kitchen, where everything made sense to me.  I worked at a deli, in Greensboro, making chicken and tuna salad, baking croissants and mixing cookie dough for the routine customers.  I made my way up to preparing the sandwiches along with the bustling lunch crowd.  I was finally in my garden of comfort and from here I flourished. 

Check back later for more of my story…

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