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Scott Winokur, DDS and Dennis Ellis, DDS, PA: Traits of a Photographer Enhance the Practice of Dentistry in Chapel Hill, NC

Dr. Ellis wrote about his photography hobby as well as his love for the outdoors in his introduction to our blog site in August. Our common hobby is directly related to our professional passion: dentistry.

Dentistry is a technically demanding profession. The field has a constant flow of breakthrough improvements and state of the art offerings which are geared to simplify and streamline patient care. As dentists, we are fortunate to have many continuing education and study club opportunities so that we can provide our patients with the best possible dental services available.

Dentistry is also a fine art involving attention to details. If you know, have seen, or even experienced, a dentist who possesses an artistic edge, you know that person is much better prepared to enhance your beautiful smile. These skills, in combination with a firm and fine-tuned understanding and application of all recent technological advancements in dental care, result in exceptionally satisfied patients.

My own love for photography keeps my artistic and creative juices flowing. With photography, as I prepare to, and then ultimately snap the shutter, I see and capture the beauty of the moment, while my attention is focused on the intricate details and the composition of the scene. The goal is to have a visually satisfying result that will be appealing to my audience. Then, at home, in front of my computer, my attention shifts to the unique and detailed processing required to perfect the final photo. This work parallels our approach to dentistry, and specifically to the kind of attention we give to each and every patient’s oral health needs and cosmetic appearance.

Here are the diverse subjects I like to photograph:

Macrophotography, or close-up photography, such as these flowers at Duke Gardens on a Sunday morning before sunrise.


Travel photography, like this waterfront view in Wilmington, NC

wilmington beach

Pets, like the best cat in the world, Danny

danny the cat

People, like Vikki and her husband Clint who got married over the summer at the Outer Banks

vikki and clint, newlyweds

or Aurora, who was the first baby to be born under the care of Midwifery at WHA

Thank you for all of your compliments on the photo book I have in the waiting room. It’s the first of many books you’ll see from me, as I always have my camera with me, am always surrounded by nature’s beauty wherever I look, and am always inspired to make beautiful pictures.

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  1. Sherrie says:

    Beautiful work! My son is a commercial photography major at App State and I am a photography hobbyist as well so appreciate your talent!!!

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