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A Word from Dr. Ellis

Hiking near Asheville, NC

Welcome to our new blog! I think you will find our posts to be informative and interesting.  We will have various members of our staff contribute from time to time, allowing you to better understand how blessed our practice is to have such an interesting and diverse group. 

We plan on having a wide variety of topics presented by our staff including posts about their hobbies, favorite recipes, and an occasional dental related post. 

I love the field of work I’m in, but I have many other interests as well. Two of my favorite hobbies are photography and being in the outdoors. The picture that you see above is one that I took a couple of years ago while hiking near Asheville, NC. 

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope that this blog will be varied and interesting enough to keep you coming back!

Dr. Ellis


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  1. Linda Karolak says:

    Hello Drs. Ellis and Winokur, and Ellen, one of my favorite dental hygienists in the whole world, and Lacey and the front office staff…Kudos on a beautiful website…the photos and bio information is great, and truly reveals something about your passions for great care! I like the blog also, although I am not a big blog person….not enough time in the day for that sort of stuff, but yours is interesting….and lovely photos!! Keep up the good work!
    Linda K.

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